Improving Workplace Safety With Waterhog Diamond Mats

Waterhog Classic Diamond mats combine aesthetics and rugged durability. Their raised rubber “water dam” border captures dirt and moisture to prevent it from tracking into indoor spaces.

Molded from solution-dyed polypropylene fiber system, our carpet dries quickly while resisting staining, fading and rot. Plus, its slip-resistant backing has been approved by National Floor Safety Institute!
Safety First

The Waterhog Classic Diamond Mat is an effective mat for entranceways as its distinctive ridged surface texture scrapes and holds dirt and moisture below shoes, minimizing tracking and slip hazards and protecting carpet and floors. Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute, its rubber “Water Dam” border traps dirt and moisture off carpet and floors to keep this mat in excellent condition for years.

WaterHog Diamond mat -static premium polypropylene fiber system quickly dries and won’t fade or rot. Available in 18 standard commercial sizes, custom spaces can also be cut to suit. Custom designs such as logos can also be added for brand awareness and aesthetic appeal.

Waterhog Premiere Mat features high-low surface patterns designed for use by women wearing heels and wheelchair users, as well as wheelchair users themselves. Available with either traditional rubber backing, or Anchor Safe Nitrile Rubber that resists cracking for hard flooring surfaces.

Waterhog mats feature an innovative two-level surface designed to wipe shoes clean while trapping dirt, debris and moisture off indoor floors. Easy care requires shaking or vacuuming regularly – however for tough spots like mud or other substances a soap and hose solution or commercial laundry may be required periodically.

This premium 24-ounce solution-dyed polypropylene fiber system is constructed to be durable and resistant to staining and fading, drying quickly for reduced trip hazards. Furthermore, rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile crushing under heavy foot traffic which extends its lifespan and extends the mat’s useful life.

This 78-mil SBR rubber backing comes with either a universal cleated or smooth option depending on whether the mat will be placed over carpet or hard flooring, with carpet cleats equipped with anti-static systems capable of withstanding voltages up to 1.6KV as measured by AATCC; perfect for computer rooms or any area containing electronic equipment.

Cleanliness is of utmost importance in any mat’s performance, and WaterHog mats are no different. When properly maintained, they prevent dirt and moisture from building up on them before it transfers to floors surfaces, thanks to their unique ridged construction which scrapes shoes to trap dirt/moisture below shoe level and prevent tracking.

To achieve this, a stain-resistant fabric molded onto durable solid rubber features raised nubs to create recessed channels and an “water dam” border, providing both an attractive look as well as superior debris trapping capabilities – an essential feature for high-end interior entrances.

Waterhog mats need to be regularly maintained for optimal appearance; to do this effectively, vacuum daily (daily in high traffic commercial areas; weekly in lower traffic areas) and hose off periodically during periods of inclement weather. Once complete, allow the mats to air dry completely before returning them into service. If spot cleaning products are necessary, these should use non-organic solvent-based cleaners that don’t pose health or environmental concerns; any wet cleaning method should include thorough rinsing before returning back into service.

Waterhog mats not only deliver outstanding performance, but they’re also stylish. Offering a wide range of sizes and colors that can be personalized with custom logos for almost any facility, Waterhog mats make an impressionful first impression.

These mats feature an attractive two-tier construction designed to wipe and scrape shoes while trapping dirt and moisture on the mat rather than on indoor floors. Their carpet face is made of solution-dyed polypropylene fibers which resist staining and fade while their rubber-reinforced face nubs help prevent pile crushing while prolonging mat life.

All mats feature durable styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) backing that resists cracking and curling. Choose between mats with standard cleated backing that works on carpet or hard floor surfaces or ones that feature smooth backs suitable for any surface type.

Mats can be easily maintained through regular vacuuming or extraction cleaning. For spot cleaning purposes, always use safe non-organic solvent based cleaners and thoroughly rinse after each session of cleaning.