Know About Liquid Rhinoplasty& How Is It Different from Surgical Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job, is one of the most popular plastic surgery right now. That being said, an increasing number of individuals are looking for a more minimally invasive way to restructure their nose.

Liquid rhinoplasty tends to smooth out the bumps and contour the nose, but remember it is temporary and has a negligible recovery time.

Well, the following write-up not only provides information about this particular procedure and compares it with surgical rhinoplasty. Please check them out right now.

What is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

According to the most well-known rhinoplasty surgeon Fairfax VA, liquid rhinoplasty aims to address problems such as dorsal hump, asymmetry, and a droopy nasal tip. He/she inserts fillers into your nose for reshaping it. This is generally done with HA (hyaluronic acid), the similar kind of filler commonly utilized in lip and cheek fillers.

Over time, hyaluronic acid has acquired a reliable reputation for being effective, safe, and an excellent alternative to surgery. Restylane and Juvederm are the best HA brands in the recent times.

A study conducted in the year 2016 found out that HA gel was capable of amending nasal issues that traditional rhinoplasty unfortunately could not get rid of. It has also show to cure post-rhinoplasty complications.

Liquid Rhinoplasty: Pros

·         Liquid rhinoplasty takes approximately fifteen minutes. This is quicker than the two to four hours that a traditional rhinoplasty session takes.


·         The outcome is immediate and the recovery time is quite low. You can get liquid rhinoplasty and resume your daily life the same day.


·         As there is no anesthesia, you remain conscious during the whole procedure. Many surgeons even allow you to hold a mirror so that you can have control on whatever will be happening.


·         If hyaluronic acid is used, the effects are reversible. If the result is not what you want or a serious issue occurs, the surgeon can dissolve the filler.

Liquid Rhinoplasty: Cons

·         The outcome is temporary, so, if you love your new appearance, you will have to get multiple treatments done for maintaining it.


·         Vascular disorders may happen when the fillers are injected into one of the arteries of the nose or they come near to compress the arteries, obstructing the blood supply.

Surgical Rhinoplasty: Pros

·         The experts performing plastic surgery Woodbridge VA said you can opt for multiple treatments simultaneously. Some people get chin and nose augmentation together.


·         Unlike the liquid rhinoplasty, the effects are permanent.


·         It not only improves the appearance of the nose but also fixes breathing problems and congenital deformities.

Surgical Rhinoplasty: Cons

·         As you will be going under knife, there are several risks involved. This includes infection, bleeding, numbness, and a bad response to general anesthesia.


·         Surgical rhinoplasty is immensely expensive but it is generally a one-time purchase.


·         The recovery time is long and the final outcome can take up to almost a year as the inflammation settles down.


·         If you do not like the effects and wish to have a revision surgery, you must wait until the nose has healed completely.

Please schedule an appointment with a board-certified practitioner. They are equipped to evaluate your physical wellbeing and tailor the treatment plan as per your requirements and expectations.

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