How can ear piercing be beneficial for your kids?

Countries across the world have a tradition of piercing kid’s ears at an early age. Some people prefer to pierce their kids’ ears quite early when they don’t even realize what is happening, and others wait for kids to gain enough consciousness to handle the pain. But in both cases, kids get pierced, and that can help them in different ways.

Besides these age-old traditional values, ear-piercing children also have other benefits, and most are health-related. Some people find piercing only a part of stylish and getting one will increase the fashion quotient, but it is much more than an addition to a good look.

Benefits of ear piercing

Besides cultural and traditional values, the common health benefits children gain from piercing their ears are-

§  Ayurveda popularly believed that the center of the ear lobe is very much connected to reproductive health. So, piercing at the same point helps to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle for women.

§  You can be assured about great brain development with an early ear piercing for your child. The meridian point that connects the right and left hemispheres to the brain is situated at the earlobe. Piercing at the right point of the earlobe significantly enhances brain development as these parts of the brain get activated soon. This is also acknowledged in acupressure therapy as well.

§  Though very few people believe, human existence is indeed connected to some energy. According to science and health experts, it is believed that children's ear piercing Gold Coast keep the pace of positive energy intact in the human body.

§  Experts have confirmed that the center point of the ear is connected to the vision of the human eye. So, piercing means putting pressure on that point which increases the eyesight to the better side when you get your kid pierced early.

§  The central point in the earlobe where the piercing is generally done has two central acupressure points: master sensorial and master cerebral. You must know that how these both points are necessary for your healing process. Expert acupressure professionals confirmed that piercing at the earlobe helps relieve symptoms of ringing or buzzing in your ear.

§  Ear piercing is also helpful in keeping in maintaining your mental health as well. As the central earlobe also controls the brain and its functioning from the master cerebral, applying pressure at these areas can keep mental conditions like anxiety, hysteria, OCD far away from your kids in later years too.

§  This point in your earlobe is also responsible for your hunger and also maintains the digestive system. Correct pressure keeps your digestion in control, and as the hunger gets controlled, you are far from becoming obese.

You must select the best Gold Coast tattoo studio to get your kid’s ear pierced, as picking up the right spot to pierce in your earlobe is very important. It is connected to the whole body and affects regular functions. Make sure, the artists piercing your kids’ ear is experienced and skilled enough.

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