Best Omega-3 Supplement Brands

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of your body that provide a lot of benefits to the body. Since your body cannot produce omega-3 on its own, you need to take in omega-3 externally. The best way to provide omega-3 to your body is to include various foods containing omega-3. However, there are several omega-3 supplements that you can also consider. Before delving deep into the best omega-3 supplements, let us take a quick look at the benefits of omega-3.

How Beneficial Is Omega-3 For Your Body?

Given below are the list of benefits that one can get from omega-3 fatty acids:

  1. Can fight anxiety and depression
  2. Can improve eyesight
  3. Can develop brain health, especially during early life and pregnancy
  4. Can reduce heart-related risks
  5. Can minimize symptoms of ADHD in children
  6. Can decreases symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  7. Can fight back inflammation
  8. Can resist autoimmune disease
  9. Helps to improve mental disorders
  10. Helps to prevent age-related diseases and Alzheimer’s
  11. May help prevent cancer
  12. Can reduce asthma in children
  13. Can decrease fat deposition in the liver
  14. May better bones and joints
  15. Can eliminate menstrual pain
  16. Offer a better sleep
  17. Is good for skin

List Of Omega-3 Supplements

Some of the effective alternative options od omega-3 fatty acid are as follows:

  1. Natural fish oil

To get the natural fish oil, the oily fishes of the sea are highly processed and brought in the form of triglycerides. Therefore, the natural fish oil consists of EPA and DHA. However, the rate of these two components varies and depends on the fish that is being processed.

  1. Processed fish oil

Processed fish oil is a more purified form, consisting of triglycerides or ethyl esters. The more the oil is concentrated, the more the EPA and DHA levels increase. This is essential to be given to pregnant women.

  1. Krill oil

Krill is a tiny shrimp-like animal found in the Antarctic, and the krill oil is manufactured by processing this fish. It contains both phospholipid form and triglyceride. Being resistant to oxidation, the krill oil can be called a potent antioxidant.

  1. Mussel oil

Generally manufactured in New Zealand, mussel oil is manufactured in free fatty acids and triglycerides. Besides the EPA and DHA, it contains a considerable amount of ETA or eicosatetraenoic acid. Thus, it is effective at reducing inflammation.

  1. Mammalian oil

The mammalian oil is manufactured from a seal bubbler and is available in the form of triglycerides. Apart from EPA and DHA, it consists of a high amount of docosapentaenoic acid that can heal several health issues.

  1. ALA oil

ALA or alpha-linolenic acid is the plant form of omega-3. It is present in high amounts in flaxseed, hemp seeds, and chia seed.

  1. Alga oil

Produced from microalgae, the alga oil is an excellent source of omega-3 and can be a good omega-3 for vegans and vegetarians.

  1. Capsules

Generally, omega-3 oils are available in the market in the form of soft gels or capsules. They do not have any specific taste or odor and can be swallowed easily.

Some Best Omega-3 Supplements Brand

If you are looking for some best omega-3 supplements available in the market, here are the best omega-3 supplements brands from which you can choose:

  1. HERA Omega One

HERA Omega one consists of Omega DHA of 425 Mg and vitamin E of 5 Mg. It not only helps improve eyes, brain and spine, but also HERA Omega 3 supplements are easy to swallow, with no bitter taste, fresh lemon smell, and is 100% vegetarian. It is exclusively recommended for women as they get older. It is also recommended for pregnant women who wish to ensure that their baby is smart and healthy.


  1. WOW omega-3 capsules

If you are looking for an excellent omega-3 capsule in the Indian market, none can be better than the WOW omega-3 capsule. This fish oil is manufactured from salmon and anchovies. Hence, you can understand the effectiveness of the product. Moreover, for better absorption of the capsule, it is coated with enteric.

  1. Neuherbsdeep-sea omega-3 fish oil

Another omega-3 supplement brand available in the Indian market is the Neuherbs deep-sea omega-3 fish oil with a shelf life of 24 months. To make the capsules more palatable, a lemon flavor is used. Further, the consumption of this omega-3 capsule will not produce any fishy burps.

  1. TrueBasics omega-3 fish oil capsules

TrueBasics is a famous brand that manufacturers of the best omega-3 fish oil capsules. To make the medicine more refined and purer, a molecular distillation of the capsules is done. As a result, it contains three times more omega-3 than other products.

  1. Healthkart omega-3

If you are looking for soft gel-like capsules that can be swallowed at ease, purchase the Healthkart omega-3 capsules. The anti-reflux formula eliminates the pungent fishy odor of the capsules. Further, it improves flexibility and mobility.

Bottom Line

By now, you already know the benefits that can be incurred from fish oil. Taking an omega-3 capsule regularly is sufficient. However, keeping in mind the perishability of omega-3 capsules, do not buy too many at a time.

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